Sheila Purdy

Senior Coach

"I love to see people blossom into their best selves and become role-model leaders."


  • Leadership skills
  • Customer-led quality
  • Increasing personal effectiveness and creativity
  • Managing cultural and generational differences
  • Identifying and preparing new leaders


  • Author of „Why Should I Give A*****About Quality? – Understanding and profiting from the customer-led quality revolution“
  • Free-lance trainer and coach based in both Austria and Lithuania since 1997
  • Leadership trainer since 1987 and coach since 1991
  • 7 Years as a senior manager in international organisations (e.g. Smiths Industries)
  • 12 Years as a medical researcher (Nottingham and Manchester medical schools)


I was Born in the UK in 1960. Since 2002 I have been living in Vienna. In my free time I delight in traveling, reading, learning, and exercise.

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